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I've heard client's say, "Why should I hire a professional fundraising auctioneer when I have someone that will do it for free?" My response: Just because they don't send you a bill, doesn't mean it is not costing you money. A bad auctioneer will cost you considerably more in lost revenues than a professional's fee.



Every fundraiser is different. We offer a variety of services to suit each individual charity’s needs. No matter if you have 100 guests, or 1,000. I can help make you more money.

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Would you like to read what other groups have said about me? Perhaps you want to speak with an Executive Director who runs a 501c3 of your size? Let me know!

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People buy from people they like. I conduct fun, exiting auctions. The more your group enjoys me, the more they will spend. I’ll make sure they want to see me back again!

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Testimonial from Hillary Cooper
Executive Director MINT Museum Charlotte

Thank you Daniel! You were fabulous - so grateful for all of your efforts! It was a huge success. We definitely want you back - please save the date - best Gala yet!! (Dan has conducted the MINT Museum Auction 5 years running)


"It was such a pleasure working with you. You did a fantastic job with the auction and open your heart (fund-a-need). Your personality  with the guests was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for adding another level of professionalism to our event."

Kelly Bedtelyon, American Heart Association


Make More Money

I have countless stories of client’s who are blown away by my ability to raise money in the fun-a-need. Often times doubling amounts of previous auctioneers. I’ve even been hired to ONLY conduct a fund-a-need at events where another auctioneer was being used.